Sunday, 25 September 2016

Tea cup and saucer cupcakes

These have to be my all-time favourite cupcakes. I’d originally been asked to make cupcakes in the shape of teacups and teapots but it would take forever to do and would end up costing more than what they were wanting to spend. So I showed her another idea - cover each cupcake with a printed fondant tablecloth and finish them off with a tiny teacup, cake and teapot. She loved the idea so I got cracking with the toppers.
I was worried they would take too long to do as I only had a limited time to get them ready, so I started with the teacups and they went fine. Then the teapots again fine and finished with the little cupcakes again all went well and amazingly done in two days which include colouring in. My desk was covered in miniature tea sets it looked adorable almost too good to eat.
After I made the cupcakes and piped the butter cream on top, I rolled out some white fondant, placed an embossing mat on top and rolled over it with my rolling pin then used a frilled cutter to get a tablecloth disc to sit on top of the butter cream. Finished with the little toppers that I glue to secure in place. Adorable!

Graduation Cake

The graduation cake was a two tier carrot cake, bottom tier 10” round with an 8” book cake on top.
The design was one the customer had brought in with a few adjustments to be made on wording, colour and toppers.
I made the cap and scroll out of sugar paste so her daughter could keep them. They were both easy to do –
For the cap I rolled out black sugar paste, used the Wilton roller cutter to get a strip that I wrapped around a circle cutter to dry for the base and a square piece that was bigger than the disc that would sit on top. Once once both piece had dried fully (it took a number of days to be completely dry) I secured them together with edible glue.

For the scroll I rolled out a piece of white sugar paste straightened the edges and rolled it up, finished it off with a pink fondant ribbon and allowed to dry.

The bottom tier was covered in fondant and decorated with black and pink circles, finished with a white fondant ribbon and bow. The top tier I carved out half an inch of cake around the top, bottom and one side to give it a book look. Dirty iced it, then put the white fondant around the carved out section and pink over the rest leaving it slightly wider at the edges so it could be tucked under to cover any raw edges. I finished it off with the wording and then the cap and scroll.

Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

This was the first cake I made in my lovely new shop. It was so nice having all my tools and equipment in one place.
The cake was an 8” chocolate cake with white fondant covering and teddy bear design. It was a simple design as the bear was a cut out, the colours all worked nicely together and the bunting around the edges finished it off.